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I have put together here some pictures, articles and announcements from our family archives. I don't imagine that anyone outwith the family will be surfing here, but just in case...

Joan, Jean and Betty Stephen were the daughters of George Stephen and Belle Buchan.  Originally from Aberdeenshire, the couple and their family lived in various police houses within Central Scotland, finally settling in the Falkirk area. Joan and Jean found husbands among the leading lights of Falkirk High School, while Betty married a young policeman from the Black Isle. These marriages took place during, or just after, World War II.  My mother was Jean Stephen.

For our maternal grandfather, there were many adventures to be had when you were a polis man in the first half of the 20th century He worked in an area where poverty was rife, sectarianism played a significant part in local politics and many people bore the scars of an extremely hard life.  Jean Barbour Stephen Miller's account of her early life, part fictionalised, gives a good insight into life as a child during this time.

We have a few mementos from an earlier time - my cousin Jimmy has excerpts from Great Uncle Jim's diary of World War I, a conflict from which neither he nor his brother John were to return. I have also compiled a family tree encapsulating what is known of my mother's side. 

We are also proud to be descended from the poet John Barbour - read more about him at SCRAN

( I have to point out that the newspaper article on the battle of Mons is pasted into Belle's  scrapbook right next to an article on Egyptian baby 'milk' made from sheep's brains and starch. There is nowhere appropriate to write that. 2.3.02 The Gordon Highlanders were in Egypt before they came to France.  John Buchan signed up in 1911, so that would account for his being there.)

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Always on the run - the Life in Fife page
Fiona Fraser marries Alastair Cook 31 March 2007
NEW Email from George Cumming in the USA - a distant cousin who has achieved a lot more research than me!
Daniel's first birthday party, 4th March 2006
Email from Kathleen Hosie on the Scott/Stephen connection
Pictures from Monymusk February 2006
Poetry of Joan Black, shared by Pat
Alex Miller given Freedom of Falkirk October 2005
Family gathering August 2005
Annelie and Craig's wedding, 26 March 2004  
Picture of Jane Barbour and Alex Scott
Update from Pat re mystery lady 
Pictures from Jimmy's collection
Daniel Humphrey
Great Uncles photos and postcard - pictures to download
War medal citations from WW1

Details from Fiona Cook about the WWI war graves commission - see Fiona's Page

More from WWI

Divorce case report kept by Belle Buchan
Wedding belles - pictures of the Stephen girls on their wedding days
Family tree -  If you would like a paper copy, let me know. I've taken it off this website because of the obvious implications re ID theft.  Latest babies all in there! 
Richie Smith in court (1950's)
Andrew Black in Lybster cliff drama (c.1957)
Newspaper clippings
Joan Black in Caithness attack drama (late 50's early 60's)
Emigration to Wyoming - do you know anything about this family?   
Death of "Powell"  
George & Belle Stephen - pictures to download 
George Stephen - dates and things jaloused. 
Family gatherings - more photos 
Doddy - photos  

The Millers - photos  

Our maternal great-great grandmother and grandfather   - The Wilsons      
Deirdre's page - the story of Isabella, and more.
The Sicilian connection

Four generations of the Millers plus film clip link

28 July 2001 pictures of our ban-the-wasp party

Janet Stevenson Miller's 80th birthday celebrations

New babies October 2001

St Andrew's Night, Luxembourg  2002 

Miller family weddings

Miller family group 1930s and Margaret Gardiner before marriage to Alexander Miller senior

Fraser Twins Luxembourg 2002 and Fiona in Fife earlier in the year.

The Blacks out for a walk, early 80s, and a mixture from all families at Coupar Angus. Don't say this website isn't exciting.

Family Ne'erday 2003

Alexander Miller 1938

Jean Miller 1968(?)

Ali's 50th birthday

Emma in Luxembourg 2003

Paul, Kirsty & Rosemary in Brugge May 2004





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29.05.05 I have put some details on GenesReunited, and this has already led to some some happy correspondence between me and Eileen Milne, née Scott.  Eileen's grandmother, Jane Barbour, was Granda Stephen's mother.

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miller black smith stephen buchan wilson scott ness meldrum stevenson barbour harrier lawson fraser florence holmes cook gardner beaton kennedy cromarty ritchie cunningham alpenfelt carmichael