Four seasons in one day


This photo shows my sister Alison's Christening.  The family members in shot are Alison, Dad, his father, also Alexander Miller, and Agnes Lawson Miller, our great-grandmother.  The picture was taken in the back garden of Balvac, mum and dad's house in Brightons.  Click on the little picture to see the full size one. 

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This must have been autumn 1953, since Ali was born 12 July 53.  Dad is now complaining that the top of his head has been cut off.


Grandpa Miller was a foundryman.  You can see film clips of the iron industry in Falkirk on the BBC website. Click on F for Falkirk.  One of the clips also shows a bottling plant. There was one next to the library in Falkirk, I think they bottled beer.  Due to the smell and the noise from the pavement level barred windows, I was convinced it was Hell.


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