I found this postcard in mum's photo album.  My deductions are: -


The Mrs. J Cruickshank it is addressed to is Isabella Buchan Cruickshank, wife of John Cruickshank and mother of Aunty Mary.  The text of the card is written in mirror writing.  The author must have practiced this often, it's very clear once you reflect it.  Since it is signed JB and addressed Dear Aunt, it may be either of Jim or John Buchan, and since it refers to a Jimmie then I think it must be John. No proof though!  It comes from Colchester Barracks.  Willie could have been Mary's brother, who definitely fought in both World Wars.  It is also dated 11 - 1911?  John joined up in April 1911.   God, the mysteries of the past. 


It reads : -


1st GH, C Coy, Goojaret Bar, Colchester

Dear Aunt, I hope you are in the best of health as I am well myself.  This is a photo of a real Highland soldier. Hoping Jimmie will give you a call before he returns. I have seen Willie he is doing well here.  J.B. 

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The McAuslan books,  by George MacDonald Fraser, detail life in a fictitious Highland Battalion which is really based on his life in the Gordon Highlanders.  If you haven't read these books I can recommend them.  Highly amusing and deeply touching, (my copies are falling to bits)  they are : -

The General Danced at Dawn

McAuslan in the Rough

The Sheikh and the Dustbin,   all published by Pan. 


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