Dear Kirsty

Wonderful news.   We are now the very proud grandparents of two lovely little boys.

Rory Hamish arrived at 00.45 this morning (17.10.01) weighing in at 7lb and Euan (not sure as yet of the spelling) Derek arrived at approx 01.20 weighing in at 6 lb 10 oz.   Both are really healthy and just beautiful.   We were at the hospital with Joan and Derek for most of last night so were able to get lovely cuddles just after they were born.   Went to see them today and they're just fine but still a bit sleepy.   Julie is pretty tired but did really well and Fraser was terrific being at the hospital for a full 24 hours non stop.
Neil passed his driving test today as well so I made sure I went out and bought a lottery ticket!.
Anyway I'd be grateful if you can pass the news on as I've got a big list to phone as we were both working today.   Thanks.
Hope you're fine
Love Lesley.


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