These are thumbnails of the weddings of the Stephen girls.  Double click on these pictures to see the enlarged version.


Joan & Andrew

l 2 r Sammy Cumming(?) Jean, Andrew, Joan, Betty, unknown. 

joandrew wedding.jpeg (101083 bytes)

Jean & Alex

l 2 r Joan, Alex, Jean, Sammy, Net (Alex's sister) 

Mum wore Joan's wedding dress.   Dad appeared home on short leave and they got married very quickly (at the end of WWII) on 7 March 1945.  They had to borrow dried eggs from the neighbours to make part of the wedding meal; they got someone else's wedding cake from the local baker; and the lady across the road, who made Mum's going away outfit (strawberry tweed), managed to make a pair of trousers for her wee boy out of the same fabric, by dint of giving Mum the shortest skirt ever seen in Falkirk.

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Betty & Richie (although this picture is of Betty with her father)

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