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If you're looking for flash graphics and amazing animations, then I suggest you head elsewhere!  This is a site for recording information, and to that end, I have kept the whole thing fairly basic.  I found that when I began to put in colours and effects, they detracted from the content. Web page manuals are packed to the gunnels with warnings about overloading the area with gimmicks and clashing colours - any one who has seen Ronald Villiers' home page will know what I'm talking about!   (This may have moved if it's after Jan 18th 2002.)  Well, they're right..

Similarly, I have not put in too many thumbnails (the wee pictures which you can use to preview a shot and see if you can be bothered to download it).  Instead, I have indicated where a page contains pictures and you should expect these pages to take a few seconds to come through. Again, my reasoning is that if you've got this far, you're going to want to see the pictures anyway. 

Speaking of pictures,  I also don't apologise for the amount of text included as opposed to photographs.  Text takes up a lot less space on a site, hard fact.

The Plockton pictures all have thumbnails, because these potentially have a much larger audience, and I must bow to "netiquette"!.

Please don't be shy about letting me know where I have made any mistakes.  And if it sparks off any wee stories in your mind, then get in touch!


About Ban the Wasp  

One of my pals (hello Margaret!)  has pointed out that the name of this site may be misconstrued by our cousins across the pond ... It has nothing to do with White Anglo Saxon Protestants, it's wee black and yellow winged stinging insects, pure and simple.  As I already explained to Hairy Doctor Kens,  Paul hates them with a passion and calls them the football hooligans of the insect world.  He registered the site so he got to name it.


To Belle Buchan Stephen, George Stephen and Mary Cruickshank Stephen, for keeping all the newspaper cuttings in scrapbooks.  To Janet Stevenson Miller for Miller pictures. 

To Paul Holmes for his assistance with technique, especially scanning.  And for not minding when I took absolute control of the computer, thus stopping him from playing his beloved Command and Conquer  Metal Fatigue Castle Wolfenstein,  C&C Renegade Battle of Britain  Deus Ex Yuri's Revenge online Wolfie - yeah, cheers Pete!

To Annelie Beaton Carmichael and Marika Beaton Kennedy, for being interested enough to spark off the idea.

To Lehua Wells for encouragement, and her excellent tutorial.  Easter eggs, anyone?

To Pete Humphrey for encouragement and the loan of a good book.

To the Aberdeen Press & Journal whose annals have probably been ruthlessly plundered throughout these pages.  

To my family, for being there to write about.


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This website is dedicated to absent friends. You don't have to look very hard here to find out who.