It looks like Betty, Deirdre and Pat in front.  Andrew behind, who is the lady?


22.03.02 Deirdre wrote:-

As regards the photo I'm sure the woman is my mother and that it was taken in Skye. When the Blacks came up 
for their holidays we all went on runs round the island (a big thrill for us as we didn't have a car). My father would 
have been at work and Auntie Joan would have taken the photo. Les would have been a baby so maybe 
my mother was holding her.
15.05.05 Pat wrote
It was interesting to see the photograph that Deirdre contributed of a small family group in Skye. 
She wasn't sure whether the woman in the picture was her mother. I remember that holiday for various reasons: for example, 
it was the first time I'd watched Uncle Ritchie put a little ball of paper in his mouth and then after a series of visually 
marvellous machinations of his jaw, subsequently extract the said little ball from his ear! He was very entertaining and in 
the days before the tele and computers and video games we kiddies couldn't have asked for more...
Anyway, the lady in the picture is Sandra Buchan, first cousin of our mothers. Her sister was/is Betty Buchan and 
her brother Billy Buchan. Sandra was staying in Portree on holiday at the same time as we were. She was a very beautiful 
young woman, and I remember the frosty atmosphere in the room emanating from my mum and Aunty Betty when Dad and Uncle 
Ritchie made some comment to Sandra as she excused herself to go to bed. It was something which, at my young age, I felt 
was naughty but could not understand!


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