Daniel's 1st birthday party..


..and congrats to his big sis, Michaela, for showing remarkable restraint in the face of Daniel's insouciant refusal to get down and get busy with his birthday gifts!  


P1010044.JPG (460883 bytes)

Just happy doing this, mum ..

P1010040.JPG (511669 bytes)

.. but where did Granny go?

P1010062.JPG (430288 bytes)

Hmm, birthday cake ...

P1010064.JPG (428532 bytes)

..think Uncle Paul should have used the flash ...

P1010070.JPG (462317 bytes)

..for goodness' sake, this is how you do it ...

P1010071.JPG (460541 bytes)

sorry Michaela, I'm totally chilled about this ..

P1010034.JPG (479249 bytes)

..oh well, back to the magnets..

P1010053.JPG (410157 bytes)

.while Michaela sets up camp else where...

P1010055.JPG (423699 bytes)



m on paul's knee.JPG (450058 bytes)

this last one might just trash Aunty Kirsty's website in terms of volume but what the hey!!


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