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This picture was taken in August 1956.  L to R, Uncle Richie ( in his kilt), Dad, Mum, Uncle Andrew and Aunty Joan.  Whose car was JMS 77?

Deirdre wrote April 01 -  JMS was the Blacks' car known as Jimsy.  All their cars had names.  The one before Jimsy was Belinda.

Good point.  Our Morris Oxford JES 501 was called Jessie. My mother, sitting in it one day,  called Andrew Black a "dirty tooter" when he persistently blasted the car horn at mum driving.  This was principally to wind up my cousin Jimmy, who was in the car at the time.  It worked.


brightons.jpeg (48090 bytes)

This photo must be around 1961.  Again, I don't know where it was taken - could be Brightons (Granda and Aunty Mary's home) or Lybster.  I had a good look at this close up when I scanned it for this page.  Aunty Mary is actually half smiling, Jimmy looks even more scared close up, Doddy is chewing some kind of weed.  And Andrew Black has a hole in his jumper.  I don't know why Jimmy and I both have our hands stuffed in our mouths.

Again from Deirdre - The photo' of the Blacks and Millers with Granda and Aunt Mary must, I think, have been in Lybster.  I don't remember a shed that size in Brightons.  Also Granda is wearing  his hat and if he'd just stepped out to his own garden I don't think he'd have bothered to put it on.


Just shows you the deductive reasoning of the legal mind!

Back row, l to r, Me, Dad, Mum, Granda Stephen, Aunty Mary, Uncle Andrew

Front row, Alison, Patsy, Jimmy, Doddy, Betty, Elspeth


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