Truant Twin in Cliff Fall

From Our Own Correspondent

Wick, Saturday

One of [two] ten year old twin brothers who were playing truant from school fell twenty feet from the cliffs at Lybster, Caithness, yesterday.  Their headmaster, who was searching for them, was the first to meet the other brother as he ran for aid.  

Donald Campbell, of Bridgend, near Lybster, the one who fell, is in hospital with head injuries.  His condition is "fair".  

He had been climbing a grassy slope, with his brother, Andrew, when he slipped onto the stony beach.

When Andrew rushed for aid, the first person he met was Mr. Andrew Black, the headmaster.  With PC James Greig, of Lybster, who was nearby, the two men went to the beach and carried the injured boy to the school.  He was later taken to hospital at Wick.  

Mr. Black, aged 40, of Lybster Junior Secondary School, said he became anxious when he heard the two brothers had been seen playing near the sea.  He decided to go out for them and was surprised to see Andrew running towards him.

Jimmy wrote:-

I've been getting round the family history site and enjoyed the story about Dad and the twins in cliff top drama. That was the story that stopped him reading the Daily Express - apparently they reported that "twins - one nine and one ten" had got into difficulties. Dad thought that if they couldn't get that right, they couldn't get anything right.

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