On 28 July 2001 we had an Open House day for family and friends

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In attendance were:-

Paul Holmes Kirsty Holmes Elspeth Fraser Colin Fraser
Fiona Fraser Deirdre Beaton George Beaton Annelie Beaton
Lesley Cromarty Hamish Cromarty Nikki Cromarty Rosemary Holmes
Pat Murray Alex Miller Nettie Miller Jimmy Black
Lynn Cunningham Beth Black Andra Black Philip White
and a cardboard cut-out of Alison Florence.


The toast to absent friends was given by Alexander Miller, M.A.


Pictures below


1.jpeg (30747 bytes)

l 2 r back row

Lesley, Kirsty, Elspeth, Pat 

front row

Nikki, Fiona, Annelie

2.jpeg (17543 bytes)

George and Colin



3.jpeg (17502 bytes)

Elspeth & Deirdre



4.jpeg (79085 bytes)

Jimmy, Beth and Hamish.


5.jpeg (63359 bytes)

Jimmy & Nikki, Fiona in the background

Please ignore that fact that I look like a total spare part, it had been a long day.


6.jpeg (111797 bytes)

Aunty Net, Rosemary and Paul

7.jpeg (106563 bytes)


FiNiAn.jpeg (19500 bytes)

Fiona, Nikki & Annelie

H&L.jpeg (26142 bytes)

Lesley & Hamish


Last two pictures by kind permission of Annelie Beaton.

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