Mr. William W. Buchan, a former inspector in the traffic department, Glasgow police, died at a dance in Burlington House, Bath Street, Glasgow, on Saturday  night. Mr. Buchan was dancing when he told his partner that he felt ill. He died before the ambulance arrived. 

Mr. Buchan, who retired five years ago, lived at 12 Robslee Crescent, Thornliebank, Glasgow.  He is survived by his wife, [Lilah] two daughters and a son.

[His children were Betty, Sandra and Billy Buchan.  See Mum's story in full, copies held by Elspeth, Alison and Kirsty. This is the death of Belle Buchan's younger brother.  He was nicknamed Powell after the relief of Mafeking, led by Baden-Powell - please correct me if this wrong]

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