Email from Kathleen Hosie received December 2005.


Hi Kirsty

I have just found your site and find it very interesting - actually my cousin Eileen Milne of Elricht, Skene told me about it at Christmas when I got the usual card from her. My Mother was Barbara Scott and her mother was Alice Scott and we try and keep up with the news!!!

 I live in Newcastle now (moved thro husband's work in 1989) and lived in Aberdeen after marrying in 1954. After my Father (Gavin Watt) died in 1960 we as a family took my Mother down to Polmont to visit your Grandpa Stephen and I remember once my husband nursing one of his granddaughters on one visit - maybe it was you!!! Anyhow I dug deep in the old photos and found one my Mother had of a photo of a Christening of Mother thought a lot of your Grandpa and he used to give her a bit of advice after my Father died - I suppose the elder brother sort of thing - anyhow we all had a lovely day down there. I especially liked the photo of Granda and Grandma Scott - they were Grunnie and Granda to us kids - we loved them to bits and I always remember every summer in August I think all the Scott clan were invited to a family day out at Halforest Kintore - know to us as the Hill - it was the day everyone met up with their relations as none had cars then, we has to walk a few miles from the bus either Kintore or the Cottown - Kemnay way - but it was fun - there was a huge pot of soup on the range hanging on a click over the fire, followed by a cloottie dumpling - I cannot remember what the kids got and there were plenty of us but we were all together outside having fun and running wild!!! I have have two brothers Gavin - he stays in Durham - and John stays in Aberdeen. We have 2 daughters Kathleen - in Tyneside - and Alison in Aberdeen - we were up here for Christmas - she has 3 boys 15, 11 and 9 - all footballers play in Junior teams and all support Aberdeen F.C.  Me I support Man. United and I love football. I have attached some photos for you and hope I have not wittered too much......Happy New Year to you All - We are dancers so are going to a party in a club so hope to have a good time.

Old Hallforest  picture from above

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