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Here is part of a message from my niece, Fiona Fraser.   I have looked at this website, and it is very easy to find John and Jim Buchan. It's desperately sad to read about them, how much harder must it have been at the time?  Fiona's dates are correct.




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Hi Kirsty


I was reading the BBC History magazine and came across a very interesting

website address, the Unofficial War Graves Watchdog. I've just been having a

look at it to see if I could find out about John and James Buchan, and they

are on it. The web address is     All you need to do is put the

surname and initial in and which war they were in and it gives you a list of

names. I don't know if you have the exact dates that they died, (there are

many "J Buchan" s on the list), but they are James Buchan 20/07/16 and John

Buchan 17/05/15. It's all very sad, I don't think James Buchan has a grave,

only a memorial. Anyway I thought this would be interesting. 

Hope that website is of use to you and see you soon.



If you don't have time to search, I have copied the relevant pages below.


John Buchan             James Buchan


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thiepval wood.jpg (28218 bytes)

This is a picture of men in the trenches at Thiepval Wood, where James Buchan is listed on the memorial.