Injured Woman Runs to Schoolhouse for Help

Two, middle aged, unmarried, Caithness sisters were taken to Bignald hospital, Wick, both suffering from stab wounds, and one with a fracture of the skull, after being attacked in their four-roomed cottage at Lybster, near Wick.  They are Misses Christina and Margaret Mowat, Tackmore, Lybster.

Their cottage, which is only 100 yards from the main street of the village, is situated on a small croft, which the two women rent, rearing mainly poultry. The first that was known of the incident was on Friday afternoon when Christina, the elder of the two, with her head battered, ran for help to the village schoolhouse about 100 yards away. In the schoolhouse was Mrs. A  I Black, wife of the headmaster of Lybster Junior Secondary School.  Miss Mowat gasped out that she had been attacked. Mrs. Black telephoned the police.  PC James Greig went to the house and took the two injured women to hospital in a motor van.  They were reported to be comfortable yesterday.  

A young man, who was arrested, appeared on petition in Wick Sheriff Court yesterday and in understood to have been remanded in custody by Major James B. Simpson, hon. sheriff substitute.

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