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Here we have the Miller family en masse - taken by me, that's why I'm not in it.... Click on the thumbnail to see the bigger picture. Close the screen to return.

back l to r  Alex Miller, Nicky Florence, Alison Florence, Paul Holmes, Fiona Fraser, Jean Miller     middle Kerry Fraser, Colin Fraser,  Elspeth Fraser, Les Florence,   front row Emma Fraser


This was taken around 1966, in the front garden at Shieldhill.  Ali and I are squinting into the sunshine, Elspeth doesn't look quite so pained.  Katy is the only one to have the sense to go for a profile shot. 


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The occasion was Elspeth leaving High School, Alison starting High School and Kirsty going into Primary 2 1965.  Katy was beyond the bounds of any education.

(l to r, Elspeth, Kirsty, Alison, front row, Katy).  (Yes, I know it's obvious which one Katy is.)

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A bit more up to date - Colin Fraser, Les Florence and Paul Holmes, in the Fraser's Edinburgh flat, 2001.
Same venue, Elspeth Fraser, Kirsty Holmes and Alison Florence  (Elspeth does not look like this normally).

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Web cam photo taken one Sunday after tea.  Back row, l to r, Aunty Net, Dad, Fiona, front row, Paul (looking spookily unlike himself) and me.

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