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At the end of September 2000, eight of us made it to Plockton, which is on the west coast of Scotland, and a very beautiful place. The BBC TV series Hamish Macbeth was filmed in and around this village, and for several years now I have been chatting to fans of the programme on the net.  "The list" is frequently off topic, and through it I have made the acquaintance of some very talented people, and some who are very talented and cheeky, which is even better. (If you're interested, you can join up today, just follow the Hamish link. ) For pictures from Plockton 2002, click here. 



Shown below are a few of my photographs from that weekend.  If you want to see a much more professional layout, (and better photos!), visit Lehua Wells' website.  Lehua has the Ultimate Traveller's Dashboard, which is a mine of info for anyone planning a journey. 

I also have permission from Donna Perras to publish her photographs from that time - go to Donna's page!

Brian Hill has put together a very thorough and fascinating website of the various filming locations in Scotland. This was taken near our home.

... and I wrote up my memories of the trip for the list - see list post.  

Click here to read article from The Scotsman's series My Schooldays, featuring M C Beaton.


Click here to see shots of Rieko's books on Scotland and get yourselves to to buy them


Kirsty & Rieko had a mini gathering in Stirling, 20 June 2001 (day before my dad's 85th birthday, in his flat, he was much amused).  We also met Rieko's friend, Yuno.  

    rieko2.jpeg (19238 bytes)

left to right, Kirsty, Yuno, Rieko.   Not the best picture of me but Yuno and Rieko look fine!



Also met up with Donzilla, first in a very crowded and smoky pub, in  the middle of festival Edinburgh, then down in lovely North Berwick, beside the sea.  

zilla n p.jpeg (19901 bytes)

Here are Donna and Paul on the beach at NB.  Sadly the recent hard drive crash meant that we lost most our pix of the visit to Britannia with Donzilla and Steve in April 2002.  But Donz sent me some snaps!


Latest picture of note, January 2003, London. 

All of us in Plockton May 2005.  Much seafood consumed. 




Click on the thumbnails to see the bigger picture.

plockton 8.jpeg (84087 bytes)

All 8 of us on the shore. Back row, l to r, me, Tom, Donna, Paul, front row, Rieko, Brian, Lehua and David. (Paul's actual height 5'11

   plockton 6.jpg (51867 bytes)

Six of us, just getting to grips with the mushroom walk stories. 

   tiddly paul 2.jpg (27841 bytes)

Paul with a beautiful sunset and a smirk, presumably he's just told Donna a joke in his own inimitable style.

   boat.jpeg (34346 bytes)

Looking out over Plockton Harbour.

   harbour street.jpeg (72937 bytes)

Looking back to Harbour Street and the hotel.

   holiday home.jpeg (50452 bytes)

Lehua, David, Paul and I stayed here. and  can take you there!

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