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Fi's Birthday March 2008   Aberdour Beach 2007  Cellardyke 2006    Jill & Al 2005   Chums at fancy dress party April 04.  Happy eating in 2003.            

July 2001  

the old (+ young) girls' (+ boys') network - back l to r Caroline Loasby Sanderson, Paul Holmes, Kevin Blackwell, Nigel Sanderson

front l to r Kirsty Miller Holmes, Diana Sykes, Emily Sanderson.  This was the best of the pictures we took on auto-timer. Aug 08 - Never ever let me have that hair-do again.

Christmas time 2001, in Cellardyke,  Double click on the pictures to see the full sized version.  My scans are still a bit iffy, but you get the jist.  I am quietly pleased with these, the pictorial nadir of Dublin-the-first-time, with condensation inside the lens, is but a blur.... (ha!)  Dec 07 - I had to scan these in!! Oh fnarf!!!


xmas  2001

Pink Ladies

Emily & Julia    

xmas 01 walk

Walking backwards for Christmas

cellardyke pool 1

Xmas tree with one of Kevin's sculptures.

xmas 02 group

Paul Caroline Nigel Kevin Julia Diana Emily

cellardyke pool 2

Shots of the pool, on the way to see the pigs.

Alva 1978   Picture of school operetta 1975.


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