In the Bay


Sunrise 16 August 2003, 05:50, looking east towards Burntisland. 

Coastal walk:-

Click on the thumbnails to see the full picture. This path is referred to by the tourist chiefs as Fife's Fringe of Gold, an allusion to a remark made by James VI - I'm not sure that's the title I would have chosen but we're stuck with it now.  Forget the name, enjoy the walk.  First pictures taken 2001.

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 Fife coastal path.   Literally littoral.


One of many lovely back gardens bordering the  path
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Looking over the Bay, to the Forth Bridges, with the sailing club and South Queensferry


Tighter shot of the bridge I travel over twice a day. 
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The Forth.  Those of you blessed with extreme acuity of vision will be able to make out The Maid of the Forth on her way to Inchcolm


Crops growing in line, just like the vines in Marin County, but on a much smaller scale, obviously...
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St Bridget's Kirk.


Inchcolm, with the Abbey silhouetted.  Available for weddings and plays (with a lot of organisation).
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The road through the Earl of Moray's estate.  Has to have the most daffodils I have ever seen in one place in my life. We were concerned, on looking at the map, that we would meet a lot of traffic as the path goes along metalled roads.  This is as much as we saw. 


Paul, and it just goes to show that given the best subject matter AND a loan of your father-in-law's digital camera, you can still get your thumb over the lens....
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And now fast forward to 2003, the ferry from Zeebrugge sails up the Forth and the seals ignore it.  The sound they make singing to each other is unearthly, no wonder it spawned so many stories. If they were just stories....

P7050006.JPG (398605 bytes)  The old church in the Bay.

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