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Links to charities which banthewasp supports

 Mary's Meals - meals for kids who otherwise would not eat. Simple and effective.


Amnesty International  - protect the human



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For those of you who like to hop, skip and jump across the net, here are links to sites I have enjoyed looking at.  (And quite possibly this is because I know the people who have set them up.)

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Here's your site guide, Salty Sam!!


                                                                                   Matey O'Matelot                                                                


Ahaarr, shiver me timbers, twist the mizzen and splice me mainbrace, oh enough of that,  I live in a house where you can only see the sea by hanging upside down out of the spare bedroom window. 

First up, is Lehua Wells'  page on - just about everything..... Lehua lives just south of San Francisco.     

Scottish Hamlet

Information on Scotland is prodigious at SCRAN  - and we all laugh because scran is Scottish slang for food.                

Here is where we like to eat in Dunfy

Cousins Lesley's son Fraser is sales and marketing director for the new five star golf course near Inverness - Castle Stuart

Interesting charity concept

This blog is always useful for the notable.  It's nothing to do with Arbroath.  

Brian Hill's page will let you follow in the footsteps of the stars - this page shows you the areas of Scotland which have been used for various films and TV series. 

Berenice Iriks has exquisite art works, go see!

Go here to share, reduce, re-use and recycle.  It's called Freecycle and there is quite probably an online community near you.  The concept is simple, you advertise stuff which is otherwise going to be thrown away, and if anyone else can use it, they will tell you.  You arrange a mutually convenient and safety conscious drop off point - they acquire the stuff and you have a warm smug feeling.  

One of the most inventively used gallery spaces in the world, nothing to do with the fact that it's my pal Diana who is the director..... Fife Contemporary Art & Craft in St Andrews  -  a must for any visitor to the East  End of Fife.    And if you're in the market for art galleries, see some of Diana's partner Kevin Blackwell's sculptures at the Smith in Stirling. 

Find out what you really want to know - how much did your neighbours get for their house

Daily paper, evening paper, Sunday paper ...  it's not quite the same as struggling to fold and read smudgy newsprint on the 07.48, but it's a start.  The Scotsman, newslinks also on this site.   Since I'm becoming fed up with this paper and its internal focus on really unimportant matters, like its long running feud with Stalin's Granny, its dependence on three ex-pats for six pages of so-called journalism, and the preposterous fanning of the flames of the non-battle between Glasgow and Edinburgh for supremacy within the central belt (did someone say rant?) then here are some others.

The (Glasgow) Herald  The Guardian  The Times  The Daily Record Sunday Herald



Even more local - Dalgety Bay 



This is a shot of the Forth Bridges, © Dr Daniel KrŁerke.  I travel across the Forth to work and back every day.  



Walking in Fife -  this will take you along the coastal path.   


Not very local at all, but just such a nice site, beer and badgers, what more could you ask for???



Completely serious, the World Porridge Making Championships at the sign of the Golden Spurtle ....


I have to say that I read things here that simply don't show up in the Scotsman.  Have your own newsletter delivered to you every week!  Thank you to Donna who introduced me to this.  Rampant Scotland  and for more links than you can shake a stick at ...  


Highly topical and more balanced than some of the raving media - 

Fancy a trip to the west coast?  Wander among the palm trees, walk about all day and fill your tummy at night. Plockton and the Plockton Hotel 

Or stay on the east coast and visit Edinburgh's finest shop - Valvona & Crolla

See the conservation work carried out by the RSPB in Scotland. 


For a traditional weekend of huntin', shootin' and fishin'  . This is my cousin's husband's business.

First hand evidence of evil hell-bent corporate manipulation: -

Since I'm a girl, Lakeland is gadget heaven.  If olivewood lemon reamers and shelf extenders float your boat, look no further.

It's daft, it may offend, but there's always food for thought at The Onion.    

Newspapers in other places -  San Francisco or Boston  

I've been searching Aberdeenshire on the net for family links.  This looks hopeful  -  

Yard of Ale - the folk band website.

More of Dr Dan's pictures can be seen in Schottland  and of Scotland.

Can't sleep?

Versace LRTNow don't laugh, this LRT Buses page is actually very interesting if you live in Edinburgh....




 © Scottie  



SLUG no more  ....  ScotLUG and their cute penguin.     


  © Royal Mail

This stunning picture is of Luskentyre beach on Harris.  One of a series of Coastline stamps issued by the Post Office on 19 March 2002, all of which can be seen at the Royal Mail site.

View the news from the North

Check out silly stories stateside, and laugh at other people's misfortunes, you heartless beasts.

More to be advised as I find them.  Last updated 10 Feb 08.  Let me know about broken links 

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