Blair Atholl April 2006

Another excellent weekend away with all our Folk Club chums, and some more hard work for the Mincers.  Double click on the little pictures to see the big ones, if you have broadband.  


bassman.JPG (433541 bytes)

Val in action

kirsty1.JPG (483291 bytes)

Me singing

alex1.JPG (489451 bytes)

Alex playing moothie

Paul BA 2006.jpg (432460 bytes)

Paul at the Queen's View during the day.

mike1.JPG (490954 bytes)

Mike concentrating

dave hat.jpg (460221 bytes)

Dave giving us the beat

steve1.JPG (486847 bytes)

Steve laying down the rhythm

val1.JPG (482837 bytes)

Val in his Oz hat

A8M.jpg (464908 bytes)

Everyone in one picture! Ignore the napkins. 


s&d.jpg (488340 bytes)

Steve and Dave

peter 2006.JPG (477492 bytes)

Yard of Ale - Peter

alistair 2006.JPG (456552 bytes)

Yard of Ale - Alastair

colin 2006.JPG (463491 bytes)

Yard of Ale - Colin

YoA and Tandem.JPG (470231 bytes)

Very special surprise - Tandem - Derek & Pat - arrive to play. Val playing bass to give depth, especially to Peter's insults...

Derek & pipes.JPG (463411 bytes)

Derek playing his Northumbrian pipes to accompany a Cajun number

colin playing.JPG (471954 bytes)

Saving the best 'til last - Colin Hay plays Highland Cathedral with the band.  A stonking finish to the evening!!

BA Ewing0001.JPG (219943 bytes)

Picture courtesy of Bill Ewing


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